About Us

Welcome to ABeautifulSecret. My name is Patti and I am the owner of ABeautifulSecret.com. I've been an online seller for over 10 years now, gaining experience from selling on eBay and other auction type sites. In August of 2007 I decided to open Secret to create a shopping environment suited for all my customers where I could offer them great product at affordable prices.

I offer a selection of items from old favorites to the newest line. I love being able to find great products and offering them to my customers. Please note that I am not a cosmetic representative for any of the brands for sale on this site. If there are any products you are looking for, feel free to email me with your request.

I am a widowed, stay at home mom of two daughters. I've always had an interest in makeup and finding deals. Now I am able to share that love with my customers and offer the the products you want without breaking the bank.

The pictures that are used on my site are personally taken by me. At no time do I give my permission for anyone else to use these pictures to sell their product on any venue.

My customers are important to me. Without you, where would I be? I do my best to make sure your experience with my store is a pleasant one. Please feel free to contact me about any and all questions.

I appreciate you taking the time to come and visit me and my store and I hope you have a beautiful day.